F.B. Rogers Heirloom Silver-Plate Coffee & Tea Service Is A Shining Example Of The Turn Of The Century Elegance


Proudly displayed,  was an important badge of a family’s hospitality well into this century. .
Imagine how your own descendants will cherish this eight-piece,  silver-plated “Grand A Heritage ” set.  Each piece is handsomely footed and finial-topped,  stylized,   dome hinged lids carved with heavy weight and elaborate casting, piercing, and chasing from  F.R. Rogers Taunton Ma.


INCLUDES:  (6 Cup) tea pot with hinged cover,   (6 Cup) coffee  pot with hinged cover,  (10 Oz.) cream server,  (10 Oz. )sugar bowl with hinged  cover,  oval tray  w/tab handles21 1/4″ x 12 3/4″


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