Imperial Glass Candlewick Pattern-Clear Introduced In 1936, And Though NEVER Marked Except For Paper Labels, It Is Easily Recognized By The Beaded Crystal Rims, Stem, And Handles Inspired By The Tufted Needlework Called Candlewicking, Practiced By Our Pioneer Women.

Imperial Glass Corp. Candlewick Pattern Clear Hand Blown Glass Cake Plate Footed With Beaded Rim And Handles Pattern Clear Platter With Beaded Rim And Handle 17" w/handle $69.99 each '#88685
Imperial Glass Candlewick Pattern Tumbler Set (10 Oz.) 4 7/8"h x 2 3/4"dia. x 2 3/4"base $24.99 (2 Piece) #85511
Imperial Glass Co. Candlewick Pattern Cocktail Set Are An Inspiration For Your Upcoming Special Event ( 5 Oz.) 3 5/8"dia. x 3 1/2"h $29.99 (5) #31628
Imperial Glass Candlewick Pattern Clear Compote With Beaded Rim & Low  Stem $15.99 each #38329
Imperial Glass Corp. Footed Cake Plate With Beaded Rim And Handles 11 3/4"beaded dia. $34.99 each #33676
Imperial Glass Corp. Candlewick Pattern Cheese Stand 5 3/4"dia. x 3"h $29.99 each #32773
Imperial Glass Candlewick Pattern Glass Bowl 11 1/4"dia w/handles $34.99 each #32524
Candlewick Pattern Dessert Plates In Pastel Colors Frosted On The Underside With Beaded Rim 8 1/4"dia. $39.99 (4) piece set #54010
Sherry Glasses With Lustrous Clear Bead Embellishments Accentuated On its Flared Fluted Base $29.99 (5 piece) #85496
Imperial Glass Candlewick Pattern-Mayonnaise Bowl Set 5 7/8"dia. plate 7" $24.99 per set #67612
Imperial Glass Candlewick Pattern Dessert Cup With Fluted Flared Beaded Base Rim Stem Sherbet Set 3 5/8"h x 3 3/4"dia. $7.99 each #51379
beaded bowl $6.99 each #38336
Boopie Glass & Votive Holders With Flared Fluted base And Beaded Rim (4) piece set $24.99 # 36822